How to convert DataTable to an image

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I wants to convert the DataTable which is from mail body. and i need to convert that DataTable to an image.

State On Date MTD
ABC 2641.930 29652.160
bcd 2240.720 23943.860
EFG 3583.410 30493.090
hij 3611.620 27202.100
xyz 1924.660 11851.910
UIO 888.820 26401.380
JUO 1706.200 4222.180
KKL 2.500 176.500
GPR 537.840 2529.340
TTT 17607.730 147072.480

Note: DataTable is not an Excel.

The best answer would be appreciated.




One question, where you extract you DataTable?

Hi Nani,

Could you pls try with the below custom activity it is having activity like converting excel range to image. you can write your data table into excel and then use this custom activity to create image. i hope it might help your requirement.

Hi! @kirankumar.mahanthi1,

Thanks for this solution, and this will be my last priority. don’t we have any other way to convert the Dt to an Image?



What about the below approach.

Use write range to write the data table data into excel. Open the excel with the excel application scope and use prtsc activity to take screenshot and save it to clipboard and we can convert clipboard data to image. Please refer the below very old thread. thanks.



Have a look at the possibility of converting an HTML data to image

Nived N

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What exact image format(s) are yo trying to achieve? png?

Creating images from tables is hard, whether with LaTeX and png output, PIL in Python or what the equivalent in C# might be: Formatting, alignment, decimal separators and stuff.
So I’d try to

Another approach worth exploring is svg which does NOT have <table *> element but the layout can be mimicked.
On Accessible SVG tables - Tink - Léonie Watson not only the basic svg content is shown but also considerations about “clean markup” presented.

Depending on where you output your image to svg might be possible even without a conversion to png.

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Have a look on the document

Have a look on the thread


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