How to convert data table row values into array?

And in assign activity have you used system.array datatype variable in the TO field? @MitheshBolla

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in invoke code i am getting out ArrayList .
that i am using

if i keep code in invoke code , i am getting one error
if i keep in assign activity i am getting system.guid to system.string error!

Can you share the screenshot of assign actvity ?

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toDeletelegalmatterid is a Datatable, LegalMatterID is my column name

There is no validtaion error , but once bot ran it is failing at that assign activity

@supermanPunch any help here?

Can you share a sample excel file with the data like you are using in the this dt "toDeletelegalmatterid "? @MitheshBolla

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I had run sql query bro , i got output from sql and i stored in datatable


Can you store it in a excel and send the excel here? @MitheshBolla

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excel.xlsx (6.8 KB)
I had attached the output in excel bro

Hi if you use invoke code what is happening @MitheshBolla ?

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I am getting my datatable from Sql. With SQL data table i am getting error
Just now i had written data from sql to excel and took excel datatable it is working fine.

Cant we use directly from SQL datatable?

I have tried both the ways with invoke and in assign both returning result for me @MitheshBolla


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You are using execute query and the dt is from that right? @MitheshBolla

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yes bro, execute query

From excel DT it is working. But not from sql query DT

This is weird @MitheshBolla

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