How to convert a html text to plain text in imap?

how to run macros without using excel application scope?

Directly use hotkeys on excel,
give hotkey shortcut to macros and then in uipath use send hotkey activity.

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You will need to do recording to work it out like Open macro file, go to developer tab, select Macros menu and choose a macro that you will wish to run it.


Another way, you could save your excel macro as an Add-in, then add them as shortcuts on the top quick access ribbon. And then, like @ImPratham45 mentioned, use Send Hotkey activity to click the that shortcut button. It will run on the most recently opened instance of excel. Also, you will have the liberty of choosing which macro you want to run. Plus, your macro will be universal and your workbook doesn’t need to be a xlsm for that.