How to control alignment of the result of OutputDataTable?

Is there any method to make the result of OutputDataTable activity in a pretty format, Such as controlling spacing and alignment?
Below is an example of the result of OutputDataTable. The string length of each column is unfixed. I hope it can be aligned and I would not like to read this result in Excel. Thank you.

Final Product Name in PLM,Report File Name,Submit

Capricorn Grappler - S,211651 211652 Capricorn Grappler S&ML Setup Sheet.xlsx,Item Setup Sheet

Capricorn Grappler - M/L,211651 211652 Capricorn Grappler S&ML Setup Sheet.xlsx,Item Setup Sheet

Cancer Crab Grapple - S,211649 211650 Cancer Crab Grapple S&ML Setup Sheet.xlsx,Item Setup Sheet


You can write the datatable directly to excel then each cell will get one value…you dont need output datatable at all


Output Data Table is just a quick way to convert it to a string so you can see what’s in the datatable. It’s not really useful beyond that. The string it outputs is csv format, there’s no spacing. As Anil said, just Write Range the datatable to Excel.

I also suggest the free training on the UiPath Academy web site, which includes…

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