How to continue when there is exception in sequecne

Iam downloading 4 reports from website in for each row loop when the bot is downloading there might be chance that any one report will not be available…here i dont want to stop the bot i want rest 3 reports to be downladed…so i kept for each loop in try catch…and in try i have thrown exception as business rule exception and in catch section iam using write line exception.message…but my bot exit from the loop and getting continued after the loop activites

You will have to place the Body of the For Each loop inside a try catch statement, since when the Exception is thrown, the catch outside the loop catches the exception, because of which the next activity (the one after For Each) is getting executed


Hi @T_Y_Raju

You can use try catch condition


iam placing try catch where there will be pop up coming as ok if report not available…iam not placeing whole body in try catch …will this work

Hi @T_Y_Raju

It will working, Can remove the if condition inside the Try Catch activity . Place the If condition outside the try catch


what has be placed in try block


i have placed body in try

Hello @T_Y_Raju

Can youn share the scrrenshot of the files with the ok button??? If there are multiple buttons aligned in the page, there should be some attribute like rownum or idx will be there for yhe button which gives the position of the button.

For example idx=1 is for for first button. You can make that attribute dynamic by passing a counter variable instead of using separatr element exists and click activity.