How to continue the write cell in for each activity

Hi , may now how to do for repeating write cell… For example I have given some data using input dialouge and what ever given data need save in excel C1 cell… This I can with write cell but to repeat to as same for C2 ,C3… … Please help on this.

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hope these steps could help you resolve this @cnarasimha1992
–use a while loop with condition like this
counter < 100 (i have used 100 if you want to mention till the number of rows in excel then we can mention like this counter < yourdatatablename.Rows.Count-1)
–inside this use a excel application scope
and in the range of write cell activity mention as
where counter is a variable of type int32 defined inthe variable panel with default value as 2
–and next to this write cell use a assign activity (still being inside the excel application scope) to increment that counter like this
counter = counter + 1

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @cnarasimha1992


got it… Thank you so much…

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Cheers @cnarasimha1992

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