How to contain keywords in particular column and write that keyword in new column in same sheet

Hi guys,

I need to contain in some keyword and write same keyword in new row ,

for ex.

i need contain keywords like success and fail in column AA and write in column CC

Please anyone help this

Raja G

Hello, if i understood correctly - you want to check some keywords in Column and write those keywords in Another column or Another row.

Can you be more specific what you want to do.

1.Build a data table named “DT” with three columns AA, BB, CC. Values are string
2.Use Read Range and Read the “DT” datatable.
3.Use for each row row->DT
4.If row(“AA”).contains(“Success”) or row(“AA”).contains(“fail”)
Use Write cell and write the value in row(“CC”)
Use Write cell and write “NA” in row(“CC”)

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yes i want first contain keywords and write same keyword in new column row and if doesn’t show keyword print NA


I couldn’t able apply if condition in for each, its doesn’t show contain option (1.1 MB)

Please find the attached workflow file for your solution.
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Thank You… :slight_smile:

If row(“AA”).Tostring.contains(“Success”) or row(“AA”).Tostring.contains(“fail”)

Hi @Venugopal24 and @praseedplk,

Thank you so much working fine

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Hi @Raja.G

Below is the workflow for the same :-
MainRaja.xaml (8.6 KB)
New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Input :-

Output :-

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Thanks for your reply.
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