How to contact UiPath for certification?

Hi Team

I have completed the Ui Path academy Certification and looking to go for Certification from Ui Path. Kindly let me know how can I contact them to seek information about pre-requisites, cost and duration for certification from Ui Path.


Hi Alok,

UiPath doesn’t offer training and/or certifications for individual users. For that we have the Academy.

And as you’ve surely noticed, we have added more complex courses(and there are more to come next year) for this reason precisely: to give the individual users the opportunity to learn for free. Having only onsite trainings would consume resources on UiPath side and money on user’s side, so in my opinion the Academy is sufficient.

Anyways, you can contact the sales team here if you want more details, but they will tell pretty much the same thing(with more sales “terms” :smile:).

For the second time I contacted sales using that form but nobody came back to me so far. Im interested in licensing model and costs involved. Can you put me in touch with someone?