How to consolidate two datatables

Hi everybody

I created a data scraping routine and all data is saved in a dataTable called partialSubtitles. I create another dataTable called subtitles. My requirement is to add this routine in a bucle so that once this routine scrap data, I add this data in the table subtitles throughtout Merge Activity. However, this activity only keeps me the last scraping and the Previous data seems it was deleted. Could you help me to solve it? Or any other approach to implement?. Thank younin advance. Have a nice day.

Hi @sergio85

What is the Previous Data can you give a simple example?


Yes it will delete the previous one.
To Overcome this you can follow below steps
Let us take you are merging dta to dtb
So in Merge dataTable Activity give dta.Copy.Select.CopyToDataTable in Source Field and dtb in Destination field.

I think it will solve your problem.