How to consider one pirticular mail present in multiple mails

  1. - approve case
  2. - reject case, - approve case

if single goone mail will come means we should not consider and if we have multiple mails in that one will be goone mail and other one will be another mail we need to consider as approve case.

If possible try to send xml

Hello @lokesh_segu

You can get the email id and use regex to identify that. You can use Ismatches activity.

Put the below expression in the expression field and input it as the email id. If any matches are found for it will give output as “True”, then you can consider it as Approved. Else reject.

Hey @lokesh_segu

You are using which email provider here please…


Gmail provider am using

If possible can you solve and try to send xml file

What activity of UiPath you are using ?

Are you looking to filter ?


Am using assign activity and if

Please show a snap ! @lokesh_segu