How to consider and read only unique value without removing duplicates in the same sheet

Hi Team,
Kindly find the below input file FYR.

I have one task where i need to compare the date range column to other sheet and find out if the date range columns are falling under with other sheets date column then i need to count those matching dates and need to perform some action…This have been implemented

But the real task is i have many duplicates in the input sheet i need to consider only one date in the daterange column corresponding to Employeed ID coumn to compare it with other sheet even if there are many duplicates, but i don’t want to remove duplicates…keeping all the duplicates value in the same sheet i need to pick only one date to compare…how do i achieve this…i am not sure whether what i am trying to say is able to understand but please reply if any other information is required.

looks like it can be handled with a group by to Employee ID and DateRange.

Another option to get the distinct values for these two columns could be

Assign Activity:
LHS: dtCheckSet
yourDataTAbleVar.DefaultView.ToTable(True,{"Employee ID","DateRange"})