How to Connect with MongoDB?

Is Anybody help me out to connect with MongoDB ?
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Suraj_Verma,

There is no driver for UiPath to use to connect to a MongoDB instance.
However, you could use a custom VB script to connect and operate with a MongoDB instance in your network domain.

You can invoke this script using “Invoke Code” activity in UiPath.

OK thanks for reply @Jagdish2593

@Jagdish2593 is there any ready-made scripts available online? And do you know how to use them?

Hi @Aditya_Kumrawat,

There are scripts and snippets available online and we might need to customize those based on our requirements. In my reply above, I’ve explained how you could write the code in “Invoke Code” activity and run it via UiPath. For more information, kindly read about the activity here.