How to connect uipath with Kafka

Hi Team,

Any once can explain how to connect UiPath with Kafka?

Check this tread post Kafka TOPIC Consumer : Direct integration with Uipath Activities - #2 by Edwin_Barahona


I am receiving following error. Pease help me out for this issue.

I am using Kafka below Kafka activity

Try this:

  • Close any Studio and Assistant processes.
  • Go to C → Users → your_user → .nuget → rename the packages folder to packages_backup
  • Try to open the process in UiPath Studio again and check if the dll error disappears.

Hi @marian.platonov

The packages folder has been renamed to packages_backup.

The packages folder is created automatically if I try to open the code after that.

Are you still facing the issue with the Dll file?

Yes same issue happing again.

On that package page, there is a Word documentation. Did you follow it?

No marian I am not follow that.Can you please share it

README.docx (58.0 KB)

Works with Studio: 21.10 - 22.10

thanks i will try this

Hi @marian.platonov

I used 21.10.10 studio and I followed the instructions exactly, however the librdkafka folder was not in the pakage folder.

Get in contact with the Developer of that package and explain the issue.

How can i reach that developer?

There was a version number like “1.7.0” in the document.However, the package folder indicates “1.8.2”

Which package you are using and from which source?

I am using confiuent.kafka

Did you figure it out? I am running into the same issue

No .

But to consume and produce messages from Kafka, I used a Python script.

Hello guys, I am the publisher of this package. Did you figure out this problem?