How to connect uipath to the database and send values from uipath to database and again read from the database



You can use Database activity to do that.

*Need to add [UiPath.Database.Activities] packages to your project.

I hope this will help you

Hi @Natapong

I added [UiPath.Database.Activities] package to my project but some items are missed. I don’t see Execute query for example.

It is the same release.

Ca you help me please?

Hi @batseb

Could you please share your Project panel and Activities panel capture screen

Here is my capture screen

Hi @Natapong,

Here is my capture screen.

Hi @batseb

Now Database activity version 1.2.6863.32528 is not supported your language.

Please using older version

Hi @Natapong,

Thanks for your answer.

I will use the 1.1.6660.26865 version.

How could I use the latest version?


Hi @batseb

You need to change your studio language to English
or waiting for UiPath update.