How to connect UiPath to Sabre Red Terminal

Hi All,

I am trying to automate a GDS process using Sabre Red workspace. I need to capture the data from Sabre terminal but using simple scraping activities does not work here.I believe I have to use Terminal activities. For that there needs to be a complete setup which I am not sure. Please let me know how to connect.

I am totally unaware where to get the required information from.



Hi @arun_sharma,

Sabre terminal is unknown to me. Can you give me some details (link)?
It is not directly supported in UiPath, so you will not find connections for it in the drop down.
Unless Sabre Red conforms with EHLL api IBM standard, in which case you should use EHLL connector (and provide the bath to the library that implements EHLL)

You can also try this generic approach: Connection To BOSaNOVA - #2 by cornel (see the PDF attached to the reply there). This method does not depend on terminal version, it treats it as a generic Windows native app.

Please give me a few more details about Sabre terminal. Interested to know if it’s 3270 or 5250 protocol, first of all.

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Hi is there a solution to this ?.. We also want to automate Sabre Red GDS terminal workspace…but I am not able to confirm if it supports EHLL api IBM standard.

Any solution for this issue, i’m also trying to connect to Sabre red

Hi @Melque_Lima,

There is specifically no setting for this. We had to copy data manually from sabre terminal as a workaround.

are you using send keys to copy it? what about the inserting data on it?