How to connect Uipath through it's API or how to connect other programm APIs from Uipath?

Need the details of how can we connect Uipath through it’s API and how to connect other programm APIs from UiPath?


If you want to connect to UiPath orchestrator through API … Here is the documentation : Building API Requests

You can’t connect to studio directly with the API, so, if you want to run a package , you need to publish it in the orchestrator, create your machine and connect UiPath studio with orchestrator using robot, then you can run it with API’s.

If you want to access some other tools API in UiPath, import the package ‘UiPath.Web.Activities’ from the Manage packages available in the above ribbon in studio and then use HTTP request activity to call a service.

Please let me know if you are confused with my answer. :smile: