How to connect to TFS without creating a new project in UiPath


Searching your forum I did not see a topic that talks about connecting to Team Foundation Server without opening a project or creating a project.

Scenario is as follows: We have a group of developers that are testing UiPath and want to upload their code in Team Foundation Server (TFS). Now per instruction the only way to connect to TFS is by first opening a project. But this is a problem because if you just want to get the latest version of UiPath code in TFS how can someone get the latest version?

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Hi @rcuadra,

Can you take a look on this.



Thank you what version of UiPath are you using? I will need to pass this information along to my developers. Thank you again.


Hi @rcuadra,

It is Version 18.3.0. It is newly release one. It is awesome. And it has major IDE changes.



Awesome so just to confirm if my developers are not using the latest version of UiPath they will not see this option available. I will have them download the latest version. Thanks again.


Welcome @rcuadra . If you feel that you have achieved the solution , please close the thread as solution.

thank you


I will as soon as my developers confirm. I hope that is ok.


Hi @rcuadra,

Please take a look into this thread.



Another question, in your the old version of UiPath the folder seems to default to “C:\users…” can this be changed?

Just to explain in our TFS branching we utilize a Dev and a MAIN branch where MAIN is what you would consider as trunk. All development work is performed in the Dev branch and then later will be merge to MAIN using Visual Studio.


Hi @rcuadra,

The new version folder to be in “C:\Users\revathi\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.3.0” . It has updated by the version.

I hope it look like and same as visual studio navigation in the TFS. See the below. Before you go to the live. May be you can do a test. For your comfortable.



So I guess there is no ability to choose a workspace location. Per your reply it looks like it will always be in the “C:\users…” path. Is there a reason why the workspace path cannot be changed to say “C:\TFS\UiPath”? The reason I’m asking this is because Windows can support 255 characters this includes path and folder so if your path starts at “C:\users\revathi\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.3.0” then right off the bat you ate a chunk of that 255 character limit.


No . This Studio guide help you about the TFS.



Thank you this is the new guide page the old one that I saw does not have the options to choose a location.


Hi @rcuadra,

I hope. you have more interest indeed with UiPath studio Team TFS. Advance wished to the implementations.Happy New Robots :smile:



Will keep you posted and as soon as my developers says they are good I will close this post. Thank you again for your help.


I finally was able to download the UiPath and I still have some issues with mapping a workspace. UiPath%20branching

To give you a visual on how we do branching. The Red error represents the branches where MAIN is the what we call the trunk and Dev is where the development work happens. The RMR 11 is where we want to first place the code this RMR 11 folder will then be branched off to our Dev branch.

What is the proper way to map a local workspace for UiPath? Do I map at the root ($/UiPath) or do I map at the branch level?

Another question, in our environment we also have Visual Studio so normally we would map a workspace in visual studio to $/UiPath why is the UiPath need to create a new workspace, why can’t it use the existing workspace?

Also looking at the supported versions of Team Foundation Server I do not see TFS 2017 is this supported? We have an On-prem installation.


I think you might want to read and review this article: