How to connect to Rumba with uipath terminal session

Im getting this error please help me.


Hi @SwapnaKolla

Here it is Rumba 9.3.1 connection as tested by me:
FAN-MicroFocusRumba9.3.1-Connections-110419-0925.pdf (312.4 KB)

Hi @cornel

Can you please send me the link of
Rumba 9.3.1 version software. It will be very helpful to me.

I have the version of 10.0.0. I am not getting the version 9.3.1.

If I am connecting with 10.0.0 its getting the same error as previous.

Please do the needful.


Hi @cornel thanks for the document, it was very useful.
In my case the ehlapi32.Dll was located on NetManage\System\ehlapi32.Dll
And @SwapnaKolla , I was having the same error message, but when I uncheked the box EHLL enhanced the connection was perfomed without any problem.


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after unchecking the box EHLL enhanced I am getting the same error.

Can you plz provide me the software of Rumba which you are using. It will be very helpful for me. Please provide me the Zip file of Rumba software
which is used to connect to the UiPath Terminal.



hi i am trying to use Rumba to my code but i have 7.5.2 patch 0 version is it compatible with the uipath…?