How to connect to Personal Workspace template with 2022.4 on-premise Orchestrator?

I have a problem connecting my Studio to my Personal Workspace template. Our platform just got updated to 2022.4 (Orchestrator, Robots, Studio). We have an on-premise Orchestrator. As known, Personal Workspace templates do not have Machine Key anymore in 2022.4. Client Secret is The New Thing but you cannot set it to a Personal Workspace.

Previously I have been using my Personal Workspace’s Machine Key to connect to Orchestrator. After the update I disconnected from Orchestrator in the Assistant and when I tried to reconnect, the only options are Client ID and Machine Key. Neither or those give the option to Sign In to Orchestrator as I understood this should work with 2022.4 and Personal Workspaces?

2022.4 Release Notes:

Assistant options does not have a Sign In option:

When I select Connect to Orchestrator from Studio, no Sign In option is there either.


How this should work? From where do I log in?

Hey @EevaHanninen

Machine key you are unable to get from Tenant → Machines ?


@Nithinkrishna: There is no Machine Key for Personal Workspace anymore in 2022.4 version.

Okay @EevaHanninen

But what is the exact issue you are facing ? The connection?

The problem here is how to connect UiPath Studio to Personal Workspace (to get the license) without Machine Key or Client ID.

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Resolved it! When upgrading Studio to 2022.4.x, you must NOT select ‘Register UiPath Robot as Windows Service’.


So here’s step-by-step how I fixed the problem:

  1. Run the update installer again without checking ‘Register UiPath Robot as Windows Service’ setting.

  2. Open Studio and login with the following steps.

  3. Select ‘More Options’:

  4. Select ‘Sign in’:

  5. Give the Orchestrator URL and click ‘Sign in’:

  6. Orchestrator sign in page opens in browser, log in and that’s all. After that, in UiPath Assistant you can see that connection is set via Service URL.

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Cool @EevaHanninen :):+1:

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