How to connect to different databases in a single flow chart for a data migration project

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I am working in a data migration project where i have to migrate multiple databases from one server to another server(Eg. SQL server 2012 to SQL server 2014). I have already created a flow chart for migration and validation for single instance. Here i need to migrate multiple databases with different instances and i want to parametrise the instance values using an excel sheet so that it can take all the instances names from excel and connect automatically and start migration. Kindly suggest if there is any other way i can handle this (Have an idea about using orchestrator but not sure about this idea) and help me to solve this. There are around 2000 different databases and i have to migrate to a single one. Please help.

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@bagwat87: Place all the config in excel file and pass the connection string as string variable
to the Connect activity and perform your activities in the workflow.

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As suggested by @PD2 you can achieve or

check this

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