How to connect Mapped netwrok drive in uipath


Hello Team,
can any one please help me on below mentioned issue.
I need to connect to the network drive before moving file onto network drive .

Raj kumar


Try this
Move files by mapping a network drive
On the Start menu, click My Computer .

On the Tools menu, click Map Network Drive .

In Drive , select a drive letter.

In Folder , type the name of the Web server and documentlibrary in the form \ Server_Name \ Document_Library .

The mapped network drive opens in Windows Explorer toshow the contents of the document library.

Open a Windows Explorer window, and then find the folder withthe files that you want to copy to the document library.

Select the files you want, and then drag them into the documentlibrary in the mapped network drive.


Network drive is already mapped and we are using move file with network path its is working fine , but some time it throws exception stating that mapped drive is not connected , so do we have any way to check connectivity of network drive , if it is disconnected and than connect and move file using move file activity



You can check this by using “dir.Exists(“z:”)” command in a If Activity.
dir is a variable with System.IO.Directory type.