How to connect local desktop with citrix

Hi everyone i saw the videos where it showing how to automate citrix application and i have learned using the videos about the functions which will be used ! but the problem i am having is how to connect to the citrix enviorment .
1.Can anyone share on how to setup citrix enviorment and do we have to connect it with uipath or it is not
2.Also as i am confused as studio is installed on local desktop and when we will login into remote desktop how we will open the citrix recording ??

earlier i was trying things on oracle virtual box as i thought it was similar to citrix enviorment.


Hi @Nara,

  1. setting up the citrix environmental (if you work any enterprise you might already have RDP connection to client server) but if your looking to setup your own i prefer go with Microsoft azure and create your own vm for free 3 month subscription.
    refer this link:
    and you don’t have to connect with UiPath Studio.

2.First open the citrix recording and then switch the RDP screen and its vice versa.
just make sure when you hit citric recording your RDP screen should be upfront.


@ddpadil Thank You for the explanation i will try it and will update .

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Hi @ddpadil
How can I connect to remote desktop machine through UiPath ?
I need to open VDM(virtual desktop machine) then open an application and then get the required data.

Hi @hemanth.gali ,

There are multiple ways doing it.

  • Use start process/open application activity and pass mstsc.exe absolute path. OR
  • Click on RDP icon from the desktop OR
  • Run MSTSC from Run window OR
  • Setting up the Shortcut key to RDP application and launch using send hotkey activity.

Use OCR wizard to perform rest of the operation (supports limited uipath activity like hotkeys/click image)
Please go though UiPath Academy or citrix automation clip from the YouTube to know better.

PS: IF you don’t want to go through all those above time consuming steps/less reliable solution then I recommend you to install UiPath Inside VDM (which acts like local machine and UiPath support all the activities)

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Hi @ddpadil,

I got the azure free subscription, however Microsoft requires the user to get an additional (not free/free trail) subscription to use their VM.

Is there another solution to get a access to a Virtual Machine Desktop?