How to connect external machine sql database in our machine uipath

Hi , Am trying to connect external machine postgresql server database to our machine through uipath,please someone help me out for this connection.

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Hi @DivyaT

You can use the database activities from the package manager. These activities can be used to connect to your database…


please find the attachment of error image,while trying to connect database.

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Go through this post… you’ll find more info on how to use it…

How to connect to postgresql db from uipath

I can able to connect internal machine sql but am trying to connect external server,I mean i have downloaded postgresql in other machine this server am going to connect in my machine through uipath for data migration.

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Correct me If I’m wrong, if you created the server in internal machine and trying to connect from machine which is outside the network, you need to have a public IP or machine name for that server. If you are trying to connect within the network, check just by pinging the IP of that machine in your command prompt @DivyaT

Let me know the result :slight_smile:


@HareeshMR is right. @DivyaT you should have public Access to that system where sql server install. Put that ip address in server name field



I also agree on this :slight_smile:


Thank you for giving the solution.

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Hi @HareeshMR,

I want to insert data in database which is on another machine. Can you please help me how I can connect to database using Uipath.

Please help.

Thank You,


which database are you referring to?

SQL Server or MYSQL

Hi @DivyaT,

Please if you solve this issue please help me.

install odbc sql connector which is same as Mysql version and follow the below steps: the odbc connector and click on ADD button

  1. select SQL unicode

3.give database data like provide dsn name which is convinient ,database server IP in TCP and provide username and password and database name which you are using

4.test connection and save.

5.Come back to Uipath install uipath.database.activities from packages activity connect and click on connectiont wizard select microsoft odbc data source click ok on dropdown button in “system data source name” there you will find the DSN which you created in step.3 on test connection

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will it be same for sql server? currently i am using sql server

Hi @DivyaT,

Can i use it for sql server?

no you have to install mysql odbc connector

will it necessary that the database in which i want to insert data should be MySQL only?

if yes,
Can we insert data in MySql using uipath.

If you are using MySQL database then you should use odbc connector

ok. n for sql server?

I know i m asking too many questions. sorry for that.