How to connect 1 machine to 2 different Orchestrator


I have 2 Orchestrator server (DEV + PROD).
I’d like to connect the same machine on each Orchestrator.
Is it possible? If yes, how?
Thanks for your help.

Hello Audrey,

When you connect the bot with the Orchestrator, it asks you for the URL of the Orchestrator and the machine key, so I don’t think its possible to connect with multiple Orchestrators to a single machine. You have to disconnect, and then connect to the new Orchestrator

Thank you.
Unfortunately, I was thinking the same but I was hoping that exists a way around for this problem.
Maybe in a future release…

post the suggestion in new features section

Running a bot requires a complete user session. In a same system you can connect multiple orchestrator if you have more than one user configured. In general, windows server system allows concurrent session where you can run two robots simultaneously. Hope it helps.