How to confirm if retrieval of files is completed

I have some Excel files which I am retrieving from powershell, once I hit the command it takes some time to retrieve the files, like someday the number of files are 12 sometimes 15 sometimes 20, So how do I confirm whether this process of retrieval of files is completed.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


can you upload your powershell script here?

and how do you call the script in uipath?

maybe there are some reasons that it is be done with Powershell. Kindly note that we also have a few alternate options.

One strategy could be to monitor the folder, where the files are downloaded on its activity (e.g. tmp files, files with changing file size…)

It’s not a script it’s a command basically

Get-DlpDetailReport -DlpCompliancePolicy “Default DLP Monitoring Policy | Exchange Only” -DlpComplianceRule “Official Label Monitoring” -StartDate “08/01/2022 00:00” -EndDate “08/17/2022 23:59” -PageSize 5000 -EventType DLPRuleHits | where {$_.DlpComplianceRule -eq “Official Label Monitoring”} | Select-Object Date, Title, Actor, DlpComplianceRule, Recipients, AttachmentNames | Export-Csv “DLP\OfficialLabelMonitoring1.csv”

This is the command, I am simply opening powershell and executing this command by simply copy pasting it

then you know the file name and can use it for filesystem monitoring

At First I thought of this. But What Will I do When There are multiple files generated, if you see closely in the command I have set the per page size to 5000 rows. So Once In a File 5000 rows are up A second file is generated somewhat like this


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