How to confirm Abbyy results is 100% accurate or not

I am working on a project in which there is sometimes attachments not clear so for this i want to know the accuracy percentage returned from Abbyy in Uipath. Is there any way to see the percentage?
And also if accuracy is 100% then generate the CSV and if not then don’t generate.

One more thing can Abbyy create Queue Items on Orchestrator with the data extracted from attachment?

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I guess we can’t tell those results are 100% accurate. As you said sometimes attachments are not clear. But we can say compared to other OCR engines Abbyy will give more accurate data.

You have to test couple of files and compare output with input files and then you will get to know.

yes but my condition in uipath will be like this that if accuracy result is 100 or equal then generate CSV and if not then don’t generate and stop the process

If Abby tells you what the accuracy was, you can read that value from the screen or as output when invoking the process.

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No Abbyy cannot tell the accuracy percentage