How To Configure TLS Authentication And Encryption With HAA Addon

How to Configure TLS Authentication and Encryption with High Availability Addon?

Changes to be made on Redis Web Management console

  1. Go to database – configuration and enable TLS [Require TLS for all Communications]. Read more on TLS Configuration

  1. Go to Settings->general and copy the proxy Certificate

Changes to be made on Orchestrator servers

  1. Create a proxy.cer file, paste and save the content from proxy certificate

  1. Open the proxy.cer file and install it in local machine on Trusted Root Certification Authorities

  1. Open Orchestrator web.config/UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config(2020.10.x onwards) and add at the end of the Redis.Connectionstring key “ssl=true”


Note: If proxy certificate on each Orchestrator node is not imported, web page will prompt with The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure error as shown below.