How To Configure The Orchestrator With Load Balancer?

How to configure the Orchestrator with Load balancer?

Step 1: Install the Orchestrator with the NLB URL also make sure the hostname need to be resolvable by the Orchestrator server

  1. Create the Private DNS Zone or Public IP Addresses as per your requirements.

Consider example the Private DNS Zone which you created and in the Overview, go to the Record Set

  1. In the Record Set Updated the name field and IP address of the LB Frontend IP Configuration.

  1. In the Same Private DNS Zone update the Virtual Network Links add your Orchestrator VM Vnet into this Private DNS Zone.

Step 2: In the Load Balancer go to the Frontend IP configuration and update the Type, Virtual network, Subnet, Assignment, and IP Address as per below screenshot.

Step 3: Go to the Backend Pool and add the Orchestrator server.

Step 4: Go to the Health Probs and add the health probs with TCP Protocol and the orchestrator installed port number.

Step 5: Create the LBRule with IPV4 and TCP Protocol, refer the below screenshot.

Step 6: Access the Orchestrator URL with the same Vnet which has the VM created under the same Vnet.