How to configure Regex for multiple matches - Document Understanding

Here I am getting 2 values of Invoice Number, I want to extract the first one.

I was able to write both,

but somehow I am not able to extract anything.
Any help will be appreciated…Thanks

Hi…If you are looking to extract the first one…you can modify the regex pattern as

(?<=\d+\sINVOICE NUMBER\s)(\d+) or (?<=\d+\sINVOICE NUMBER\s)(\d{12})

Hope this helps…


will try…Thanks!!

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@Rachita_Chauhan - If the Regex based extractor didn’t extract the #…as an Alternate you can try as shown below…

\d+\sINVOICE NUMBER\s(\d+) OR \d+\sINVOICE NUMBER\s(\d{12})

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