How to configure Excel_Workspace per user when running a bot through UiPath Assistant

I am building at attended automation process using StudioX. The process will be distributed to all members of the team and they should be able to configure their own list of items for which to run the bot.
This is a table of 5 columns and so storing or fetching from orchestrator is not an easy option. (If it is, ideas welcome!) I have stored it as an extra worksheet in the Excel_Workspace workbook included in the StudioX project.

I want to understand how each individual user running the process from UiPath Assistant could configure the table as per their preference before running the bot.
Is that an option?

@studioX Need your help! :slight_smile:


Since Excel_Workspace is embedded in the package I would not recommend that you use it as a data source for configuration, since it would be a PITA to explain to someone that he has to go in the robot package folder , unzip the nupkg make changes in the Excel_Workspace file and the repackage everything and export it :slight_smile: As an alternative you could use an excel file stored in the My documents folder for each user .


We are using the My Documents as a generic address that is interpreted at runtime so that it would always match the documents folder of the user running the process.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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That is the solution I settled on eventually.
Thanks for replying, and I agree, using the workspace file within the nupkg file is too much for anyone, let alone a citizen developer! :slight_smile:

I will mark your response as a potential solution for someone in similar situation.

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