How to concatenate 3 columns into one column

Below given are the excel schema;

column1 column2 column3
1 6 2
2 4 8

i want these column values to be in a single column without duplicates


Would anyone help me with this?

can try thisSequence1.xaml (8.4 KB)

This flow is showing nulls as well on printing

Hi Srihari,
Thanks alot,it really worked for me but while adding rows it is not taking the first row of the excel, except that its exactly returning the schema which i need. Would you please help me to take the first row as well

Ideally it should add. Can u tell me what is there in the first row of your excel? Or are u expecting the column names as first row?

columns.xaml (9.9 KB) check this for avoiding nulls

I got the issue,it was in the reading range,now its working.
Thank you

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