How to compute the date data?

Hi I have a problem with the date to compute,
For example:
July 23th - 45days = June 8th

How could I do to get this answer?

thanks all

YourdateVar.AddDays(-45) can be used for this. YourdateVar is of datatype: dateTime.
In case of date is present in string we can alos parse it into a datetime

So, do I need to set any parameter or variable?

lets clear some more details of your requirements. Whats the the case / process / data is coming from / data will be used for…? Once we have collected these details we can decide the appropriate solution suggestion.

In general we do have a variables in place for this. We guess it will not be hardcoded within the implementation, right?

OK sorry, I didn’t tell clear.

  1. I want to use current date to minus 45days to get this result
    2.Type this result to browser column ( blue circle place of image )


can be useed within type into activity

Very appreciate you !! The problem is solved

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