How to Compare?

How do I compare an array of DataRow with a Datarow, returning a Boolean value. THX


Check the attached workflow,
For more details check the below link,

Main.xaml (5.2 KB)

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You have to select DataRow here.

Check my XAML which I have attached in my earlier post

Yea, sorry.

not work in my example.

in my example, the Datarow variable is the same as the datarow variable, but still retakes false.

Could you please share me how your comparing and the sample data your working with

is one of the parts of the final exam of uipath.

Check Data.xaml (6.2 KB)

The workflow you have attached is entirely different from the one which I have shared.
And you are trying to compare Datarow Collection with single datarow which is not correct flow I guess.

ok, so how to convert from datarow to datarow.

loop that datarow or if you want particular one then get with index.