How to compare two PDF's having multiple pages and also show the differences using Uipath

How to compare two PDF’s having multiple pages and also need to get the differences between two PDF’s using Uipath

For a simple comparison, you can use the built-in feature of Adobe DC that offers an ability to compare two files:

This could be achieved by a surface automation of Adobe DC with the output of the comparison being printed to a PDF file.

Hi @loginerror,

I am new to UiPath. As suggested above I used Compare files option and compared two PDF files. But, I want to know how can I write or show the difference into a text or in output panel.



I guess if it’s a native PDF (with all text accessible for extraction) then you can get a Boolean value as output using string operations.

If you mean the output containing the text that is dissimilar then it seems like an uphill task, is that what you wanted?