How to compare two excel sheets and create a table of mismatches

Hi everyone,
i’m reading several posts on the subject, but i can’t get what i need.
I have to compare two excel tables, which have a variable number of rows day by day.

So I have to create a table containing the mismatches.

OldListaQuadient.xlsx (28,1 KB) NewListaQuadient.xlsx (22,2 KB)

The files are extracted from a cloud.
Files can grow day by day,
or they can simply be changed.

I need to backup if the file is new or if one of the old has been changed.

I have created two files.
One with the new scraping and one with the old scraping from the previous day.
How can I find the lines that are different?

Name Group Changed
_Enterprise_CJ_Automation Layer_Private Sales Enterprise 23/07/2020 18:11
Acquisto apparato - COM Variazione Post 21/07/2020 10:07
Agevolazione Fiscale (IVA) - COM Variazione Post 15/01/2020 17:38
Agevolazioni fiscali Ausili Informatici - COM Variazione Post 28/01/2020 09:05
Aggancio MOP Deviazioni Pre 24/02/2020 13:08

The file contains 3 columns.
In the last “Changed” there is the date of the last modification of the file,
which I have to compare with the previous file.

The number of documents varies, so the sorting may differ from day to day.

Can help me… please?


Check below post

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Ouch… i cant use Balareva Package.
company policy does not allow the use of unofficial UiPath packages. :frowning:

Hi @AaronMark

You want to create another datatable which gives
Rows which are not common in the two excels is it right

If yes , look through this, I had solved same one query

Hope it helps

Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation

Not exactly.
the two tables are the scraping of the same page, on different days.
Every day, a page is scrapped.
The job is to find what has changed since the previous run.

There may be new lines in the “new” … file.
only one of the existing ones may have been modified. (column 3, last modified)

…the bot should then continue making backups
and new lines
and lines that have changed from yesterday.

I would therefore like to isolate the new and different lines from yesterday.