How to compare two excel sheet with another sheet

Hello fellow,

Here, I want to compare two excel sheets with the third sheet.

Sheet 1: It contains 30+ rows data

Sheet 2: It contains 90+ rows data

Now I want to read ,
*[ bodb1 ] [ defaultBackupSet/Daily-Inc-Fourt ] [ INCR ] with each row of sheet 2

Next, Comapre the below data with sheet number 3
*[ bodb1 ] [ defaultBackupSet/Daily-Inc-Fourt ] [ INCR ] [ /FULLBACKUP/FORTN ]

Also, I tried looping but it takes more time. I want this without looping. Is there any way to do without looping ???

Thanks in advanced


the requirement for “Compare” is not clear enough. Maybe you can share with us more details on this and describe when the compare results to true and when it results to false.

In general it could be understood as a value matching between dt1 and dt2. For this we use often:

  • join datatable activity
  • LINQ statement

@ppr I have a sheet that contains row data like this :
bodb1 , defaultBackupSet/Daily-Inc-Fourt , INCR , /FULLBACKUP/FORTN

Sheet has 100+ data rows

if the combination of the first 2 sheet data is equal to the 3rd sheet row data then its true else false

unfortunately the feedback was not clearing all relevant facts. However to go ahead with the solution development, we recommend

  • explore the join datatable activity
  • find sample done with LINQ (2 compare Column, but can be extended to multiples as well)

Find_Common_NonCommon2_By1Col.xaml (13.4 KB)

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