How to compare two data table using only filter data table activity only?

Hi guys,

I have to compare two data table and filter out.

I have used linq but it throws me some error. Prefix ‘x’ error

I wanted to know what is the code line used in value box in filter - I’m using filter data table activity I’m giving DB1 as input/output data table column value as column which i want to compare with now what should be the value box code such that it compare DB2 column number 1

Hey @kishore.shetty ,
Can u explain on what basis u would need to compare the 2 datatables?
And do u want to filter the DB1 based on values of DB2?

DB1 has multiple column and DB2 has two column

I want to filter out non matching row of DB1 by comparing DB1 Author column with DB2 Name column