How to compare the two excel sheets columns from two different excel files

How to compare the two excel sheets from two different excel files.

I have two different excel files, in first excel i have sheet 1 with First Name, Middle Name and Last Name columns, which I wan to compare with second excel file, in the second file sheet name is sheet 2 and columns names are EFirstName, EMiddleName and LastName.

So I want to compare the both the sheets with name.

Can anyone please suggest the way to do this.


What do you want in the output?

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@kumar.varun2 - Sorry for incomplete requirement. I have two files Dhankawadi and Mobile, PFA.

I want to compare the below columns from both the files, there are other columns as well.

In Mobile file have First Name, Middle Name and Last Name columns and in Dhankawadi file EFirstName, EMiddleName and LastName.

Then Match with all 3 columns. If matching then add mobile number column and address column details into Dhankawadi sheet in separate two columns for mobile number and address.

Dhankawadi.xlsx (2.9 MB)
Mobile.xlsx (3.3 MB)


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@kumar.varun2 - Sure will take care, could you please help on the problem statement.


Not possible with the information you provided.
The names are repeating
There must be some unique field in both the excel so that the mapping can be possible.

@kumar.varun2 - Unique fields means the column right? The both the excel should have at least one common column name.

Yes. I am talking about columns.