How to compare the Dt1 and Dt2, if they have common record based on the specific column names, generate those columns to DT3

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How to compare the Dt1 and Dt2,
In my case, the two table have same record based on the specific column names. Then, generate the same rows to DT3. I dont know which activity to use.

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Hi @eimon try this join query using assign activitiy

DT1= (From r in DT1 join t in DT2 on r.ID equals t.ID And r.Name equals t.Name And r.City Equals t.City select DT1.clone.LoadDataRow(New Object () {r.ID,r.Name,r.City,r.Code}, False)). CopyToDataTable

Try this way
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Join data table activity - Join type = InnerJoin

Option #2: LINQ Statement
We would suggest ot rely on the ID Column (assumed each name has an unique ID)

Assign activity:
left side: dtr (DataType: DataTable)
right side:

in case of an empty join result could occur, just apply following pattern:

find starter help here:
InnerJoin_1Col_getLeftCols.xaml (9.8 KB)


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