How to Compare the data which is in PDF?

Hi all,

Can we get all data in PDF to “Table Format” data to Compare with the Field (Heading) ?

PDF: (Consider the below data in Pdf)
Name : Jayavignesh G Age: 22
Experience : 3 Years

Telephone: 9385794750
Pay : 10000
Role xxxxx
Qualification : BCA

[FYI- I know how to Extract this data from PDF to Word but here Main this is i need to Compare the data which in PDF]

Form : (Here i need to Compare the Pdf data )
Salary -10000
Age -23

I need to Compare the Data in PDF and Form how to do this. Any Suggestion or Solution ??

Hi @Jayavignesh_G
what data u had to compare here,
I am not cleared yet

I want to Compare the data in Pdf with one Tool. At First I need to Scrap the Data From PDF and set a Proper dataset to Compare

Hi @Jayavignesh_G

First use read pdf text with ocr and try to split the words using split function


@NIVED_NAMBIAR @AshwinS2 @Palaniyappan

I need to compare the data which in pdf to Salesforce also data in word to Salesforce.

My Question :

How bot pick the data from word and pdf to compare with Salesforce because this logic need to used for many order/case not for only one !!

@AshwinS2 already answered your question, you need to first extract text from pdf and then manipulate the string and split it to get your field values.