How to compare text from web and excel

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For example I get a “B112” text from web and want to compare it with excel, if they are not same it will loop until they meet and give “2” as a output.

Can anyone help me? Thank you very much

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hi @claudiojody

Do you mean if the text isn’t found the value is stored in excel with value 2 or it gives out a popup as “2”

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if the text isn’t found it will check to another column until they are same

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So basically its needs to be there ?

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yes, if the text from web and excel are same, it will give popup as “2”, the number from column B

Two ways I could do this:
First Way:

  1. Read Excel and convert it to data-table
  2. Do a for loop on data-table and search for the required text from the web-site
  3. If true, do the popup of the 2nd column of the item
    Second way:
  4. Read Excel and convert it to data-table
  5. Do a filter or select query on the data-table and just get the row item with the match
  6. Get the 2nd element of the column

Hope this helps
Cheers @claudiojody

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can you please explain how to popup the item from 2nd column?

Hey @claudiojody

Did you understand how I get the index of the found item??

I can use the activity message box for the pop-up item required


I have attached sample work flow , please find the same.

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Thanks, (17.8 KB)

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