How to compare text from pdf with predefined text?

Hello There,
If anyone know how can I compare text from pdf with text which I already have?
for example, I want to check if invoice number in pdf is same as what I am looking for.
Or some lines mentioned in pdf are equal to my hardcoded line?

Please post your response soon.


Hello @prajakta,

Use read pdf text activity to get the text from the pdf. Then use the matches activity with regex to see if there was any match. Hope it helps


Thank you for very quick to use regex you have idea?As I am not from programming so difficult to understand

Here is a simple example :slight_smile:
Main.xaml (10.4 KB)

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Thank you again.
first time i am using this forum when i click on example to download it gives me page with should i run in my uipath?

please bear with me :slight_smile:


Right Click and select “Save as” on the download link.

Uipath team are already working to solve this issue :smiley:


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Thank you @ andr3y26 and @ Lucas.Pimenta it works :slight_smile: