How to compare Subject line with Attachement Name?

in your process pdf is downloaded and saved into a folder

from my side Image is downloaded and saved into a folder, but pdf is not requirement is to download pdf also.

Pdf attachment is assigned as item2, right?

Hey just now seen there is FW: also there in the subject with EXT. Please use correct word for replace this one FW: [EXT] instead only EXT. Please change it and try. Thanks.

Yeah it is working at my end since I am not using any FW text in the subject.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1
now script is working correctly by changing “FW: [EXT]” .I’m Very happy to talk with you .Thank you so much. Have a good night

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Your most welcome. Nice connecting with you. Have a nice weekend.

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Just one suggestion from my side. Since you have forwarded your emails to test the process so the email having subject With FW: but real time it should be only with [EXT]
Please change the replace method accordingly or we can have OR condition for replace or we can use two assign statements your wish but don’t forget to keep this logic in future. Thanks once again.

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