How to compare string with dropdown list

For example
In Country string I stored a value as “India”
I need to compare that value with Nation dropdown list.

Get both element’s text attribute and use “Is Match” activity

How to get the nation dropdown list child? and how to compare Country string with dropdown child?

select the target dropdown list element with a find element activity.
If you cannot select the dropdown element, with find element click on search, then press F3, click on the dropdown, and wait 3 until the element selector is back

for example:
I have 4 child in Nation drop down( India,US,UK,Japan). How I compare this child with Country string.


Just a small clarification do you want to select India from the Drop down or do want to compare the drop down?

If you are trying to compare dropdown list with the string you have, you can use below attachment, Please try and let me know if you have queries
DropDown.xaml (8.7 KB)

Yes I want to compare the dropdown with string. I will check and let you know