How to compare SAP value with pdf value

How to compare the SAP Value(eg :ABC=123.12) with Pdf(eg: ABC 128.12) value.

@Chippy_Kolot You can try the below one in if activity

  • SAPABC is a variable contains SAP Value
  • PDFABC is a variable contains PDF value

How can i assign values to variable?

@Chippy_Kolot Check the below workflow (2.7 KB)

If there are multiple values in SAP like abc=100,def=102,ghi=103 and pdf values like abc=121 ,def=112 and ghi= to compare it is equal or greater. How can i assign all the sap values to a variable and pdf values to a particular variable.

@Chippy_Kolot Please find below workflow (3.1 KB)

Once you got the solution close the thread and if there are any other queries please create as a different post since it helps the other users searching for the exact issue. Thanks so much for understanding !

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