How to compare my present LinkedIn connections with my previous day’s results using Uipath studio community edition?

I want to launch my LinkedIn account using account details and capture a list of my connections present and compare them with the previous day’s results. Then I want to mail the day’s additions and the old list to myself as an attachment. So, how should I do this process?

I expect you will have to datascrape your connections everyday and save the result
next you will have to compare the results of today-1 with today and see if it has changed
and then store the today list for tomorows test. (posibly remove the older list)

You will have to find a unique ID (name is posible to duplicate) of unique combination

Then go trough your new list, and check if old list contains this ID, if not save in newList
afther the whole today list is done use the newList for the added people

hope this helps