How to compare list box values with excel which is dynamic

Hi All,

I have excel and i need to compare those values in web site list box. these list box values are dynamic and sometimes in range and sometimes single telephone numbers. Iam using for each row for iterating excel value and reading list box values and comparing with excel values.

It is taking much time when more telephone numbers are present, is there any (28.6 KB) better approach please suggest.

Hi @thima

Better way is

  1. First extract the values in list box using get attribute (Go to uiexplorer and indicate the list box and check whether the there is any attribute in selector which holds all the values (particularly check for innertext)

  2. using excel manipulations u can check whether the data is in excel or not [ like converting the listbox values into the datatable and matching with excel data ]

Hope the idea helps you


Nived N

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