How to compare integer value from SAP application


I am new in UiPath. I am trying to extract data in SAP application and the data is too large. So I have to split files to download many times. Each time I can download 5000 pages. The problem is, the SAP displays the pages and I want to compare if the page is smaller than 5000 then just download 1 time. If it’s from 5000 - 10000 than download 2 times… And I don’t know the maximum pages I have to download. Can anyone advice me the solution for this?

Thank you so much!

Hi @BoBo

I would recommend to use SAP native export functionality to ensure speed, reliability and do not have any issues with SAP dynamic content.

Almost all SAP transactions provide such Export Func.

eg. it can looks like this:

Best regards, Lev

Hi @LevKushnir

Yes we are trying to save the file locally but it has big size for each file (about more than 70MB excel file) so runtime error happens frequency. Thats why we have to split file to download many times. In each file we have to compare if it is smaller or greater than 5000 pages. How can I do that comparison?

HI @BoBo

For me it sounds like you are trying to solve SAP issue with help of UiAutomation.

I can imagine, that with UiPath we can find some way how to download the pages more than once, how to compare the stuff, but ALL this is just a workaround for your SAP problem.

I would recommend to go to the root cause of the issue. Have you tried to speak to your SAP IT?

Based on my experience, in case you need to download so huge amount of data the best solution would be run a batch-job in background which will not brake and will deliver all data at once without any issues.

Best regards, Lev