How to compare figures between two files?


I would need help in creating an automatic prosess in UiPath.
The purpose of the process to be created is to find specific figures from a specific page in a pdf file and to compare those figures to another file containing the same figures. Company’s balance sheet is a good example (see attachment 1). Question is: How to compare figures between two files?

The planning process for the desired outcome consists of several steps:

  1. Opening files automatically
    How to perform automatization for opening files?

  2. Selecting pages
    How to select the right pages from file(s) for comparing the figures?

  3. Picking the right figures
    How to pick automatically the right figures from the selected page?

  4. Figure comparison
    How to automatize figure comparison between files?

  5. Reporting
    How to generate list of differences between figures to pdf -/xls –file

To provide an example there’s a company’s balance sheet in the attachment (Attachment 1). The purpose would be to compare figures per 31.12.2015 in this file to the same figures per 31.12.2015 in the attachment 2. Figures for comparison have been highlighted in yellow. As you can see the figures aren’t necessarily in the same place in files 1 and 2. So the robot should be able to find the right figures according to the name of the account and compare those figures between the files.

I have tried to find solutions to the questions in each step of the planning process but haven’t proceeded much. So far I have been able to automatize opening of the files and also somehow selecting the pages. I haven’t been able to combine the page selected with picking the figures from the page.

I would greatly appreciate your help in finding solutions for the described issues in each step of the planning process.
Thank you for your help in advance!

Attachment 1.pdf (70.2 KB)

Attachment 2.pdf (71.5 KB)

Are you able to achieve this ?