How to compare excel cell value and append data to next col in excel


I want to compare stock price everyday and maintain the old data of stock prices in the same excel sheet…
Here by I am attaching the stock excel sheet, where the bot should pick the stock symbol and extract price from moneycontrol site… the stock price should place such a way first it should check whether the current date is present in excel sheet if not then it should add the current date as col header and price for the current date should be added below to it…
StockSymbol.xlsx (8.2 KB)

in the green area the new values for today should be addes like 30th-Sep-2017 as colheader(D1) and prices (D2-D7)

I already completed upto fetching the data from moneycontrol hereby i am attaaching it
Main.xaml (16.3 KB)